About Traditium

Traditium was launched in July of 2012 to address a specific problem: “We live in a time when the mainstream culture is all breadth and no depth, where empty cliches serve as grand philosophies, and where asserting something as truth is considered a hostile act,” the post on its first day read.


It is the purpose of Traditium to assert those truths, to stand in the midst of a culture that believes it is electrified with passion and point out that it isn’t even connected to the power supply. The power to properly navigate life comes from truth, which comes from God.  That truth is revealed throughout history and in its great traditions. The modern culture believes it lives on the cutting edge of an exciting life, and it needs the bright light of truth on it to reveal that it is instead wandering lost in the parking lot of a strip mall.  The bright, flashing signs around it are all worthless distractions, pulling them in a hundred directions, none of them home.


The word traditium has been a part of the development of the idea of tradition. Traditium is the substance that is passed to each new generation. Moreover, the suffix -ium connotes in Latin a place where an activity is carried out. Here we propose to examine, with the written word and any other tool at our disposal, tradition in the broadest, most catholic sense, with the purpose of finding meaning and truth in this life.  It is well passed time to reclaim our greatest traditions and apply them to our lives for our own benefit.  Our first column spelled out the difficulties in detail. See On Relativism.


The greatest tradition is freedom, without which truth cannot be adequately defended.  Traditium, and its authors, believe that the duopoly political system in the United States fails to protect political liberty, and thus fails to defend the core doctrine that allows for truth to be sought and discovered  Indeed the government seems to be on the same side as the aggressively secularist culture, not strengthening the other institutions in society, but rather negligently, if not deliberately, undermining them.  As a result our columns often stress the principle of liberty, a theme upon which the United States was founded.  Its government the founders created, though, has  grown beyond anything they could have imagined, and one which is now looking to impose its secular values upon the Church and the people.

Paramount among these liberties, of course, is the right to life itself, which must always and everywhere be defended, including from the government which funds the killing of the most innocent.


An examination of both political and religious content on the internet mostly reveals a false dualism which the Powers That Be peddle on every subject.  One must be Left or Right, conservative or liberal (whatever those terms may mean), and in the realm of faith you must be one of two things.  You must be “spiritual but not religious”, or you must be an angry legalist.  Traditium rejects these labels and seeks to embrace the rational and the mystical, all in keeping with the teachings and traditions of the Faith.


It is the intent of Traditium not only to preach to the choir, but to be accessible, entertaining and informative. It aspires to reconnect people of intellectual curiosity back to the great thinkers, the great traditions, and to the pursuit of truth. It aspires to change the modern culture to the small degree that it can. It aspires to put a sign in the strip mall parking lot that points in an entirely different direction, to the way home.  A humble mission, but hopefully an interesting one.

Traditium appreciates and encourages comments regarding any topic it speaks to to be posted publicly on our site. For private or administrative matters you may contact us at traditium@yahoo.com.


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