One thought on “Relativism, Sacks of Meat and the Return of the Unseen”

  1. Sounds good to me. I personally see “Political Correctness” and the Wokists as being self-appointed Stasi. On the other hand (and I was thinking about this earlier this morning), is the enemy of my enemy always my friend? After they Defeated The Third Reich together, “Uncle Joe” and “Sir Winston” (and FDR) did not exactly see eye to eye about everything. Even “within” any given partisan group there can be big differences of opinion (e.g., Stalin v. Trotsky, or Mitt Romney v. Donald Trump, etc.), yes? For instance: How would a conversation about sexuality go between Professor of medieval theology Mark Jordan and St. Thomas Aquinas? I’d sure like to hear it if I spoke latin (or there was a simultaneous translator) As Churchill said: “”Jaw-jaw is always better than war-war”. I think it would be very good if everybody would “join the conversation”.

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