God Is Life – The Via Fecunditatis

Life is springing up around you every moment of the day. The trees that surround us, the animals that make them home, the people of all ages passing under them. It is filling gardens, pushing through the cracks in the pavement, living and thriving in environments all around the globe, both urban and remote. All of this life abounds because God is growing, fecund, spouting, twisting life.

In this Age they say that we are made up of spinning atoms and maybe even twisting strings, ever in motion, bumping into each other, splitting and whirling about. If everything needs a cause, and everything was caused by something else, we still need the unmoved mover, the uncaused cause, God, and if the world is evidence, he is not only the Creator, He is ever creating, ever in motion, ever causing.

God is infinite they say, and we were all made by God. This then is an explanation for the incredible diversity of life, a God spinning out His infiniteness, one atom, one plant, one person at a time. They are all an expression of his ever expanding infinite nature. It is as if we are all in motion and He is at the other end of the gears, turning the dial, giving of Himself with the utmost energy. Life abounds.

Perhaps one of society’s ills as we move away from the greatness of God, is that our culture is not about life. From the beginning of life to the end, death is embraced and enshrined in law. A cold sterility is on offer for all to hear, life is blocked, prevented, denied, avoided. The priorities and pressures of our society are to protect the right to sterility, the choice of death, to celebrate the ways deliberately closed to life, and then we wonder why we feel cut off from our Maker. Our ancestors looked at nature and saw the relentless, enduring, energetic creation of life in all of its unending forms, forms almost as infinite as God, and they saw that it was of our Creator. Not in the past tense, not some watch wound up and left to go on its own, but everywhere you look, everywhere you go, right now. And now. And there again.

More than that, God is loving you into existence, spinning your atoms, causing you, moving you right this moment. He is in your soul, stirring you at times, whispering at times, conveying that through Him you are connected to all this that is around you, this present moment, this living energy, this glorious path. He makes clear in so many ways, as of course he would, that the life He offers is also infinite, not only in its diversity but eternally, the life He offers is undying. Simply look around you, breathe in this moment, feel the crazy energy of life and you will know that it could not be any other way.

To connect back to His fecund, ever-present energy requires being in the moment and leaving your anxieties for tomorrow. See the life teeming around you, breathe it in, pray to be in the thick of it. Buried under all of our complexes, rules and anxieties is an energy that puts the lie to so much of what we think is important. Like all the teeming life around you, connect back to the source, to Him, and walk the path of life again.

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