On the Top 5

Father Robert Barron and his Word On Fire website, found here, have been meeting the popular culture where it lives, on podcoasts, youtube and the internet in general, for quite some time. He does so in an engaging way, weaving the contemporary with the timeless. Those who haven’t heard of him owe it to themselves to take a look. Here Traditium links to its Top 5 Father Barron videos for those who are open to a different perspective on popular culture and life in general.

Here are our Top 5, in no particular order:

1. WORTHSHIP: The first is about idolatry, but in terms of what is of highest worth to you, and why that tells so much about you as a person.

2. ASCENSION: The second concerns the Feast of the Ascension and speaks to how the modern world’s view is more Greek than Jewish. Is yours?

3. GRAN TORINO: The third is one of the many videos on some particular aspect of the popular culture, here it is an interesting review of Clint Eastwood’s movie Gran Torino.

4. BEGININGS: The fourth is a review of one of Stephen Hawking’s books where he talks about the limits, by definition, of what modern science can speak to.

5. THE POPULAR DEBATE: The fifth talks about a comment of Brit Hume about Tiger Woods on Fox News a few years ago, and the telling response to it by the talking head culture.

The rest of his many videos can be seen here.  Enjoy!


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